By applying for Trademark Protection, it protects Names, logos, Designs, slogan or characteris, that helps associate with and identify the product. It helps to create a unique Brand name which differentiates it with the brand name of others.For continuing and enjoying the exclusive rights over the Brand name one has to file their mark.

And for enforcement of the mark or logo, Law firm looks after that. And firm also provides comprehensive services which include-

Brand development - The selection and launch of a brand in Indian market is quite difficult if it is not unique. A careful legal search is essential. Therefore our firm does the best search services to our client that uncover the risks beyond a simple trademark search. We give our advice to clients throughout the journey of the Brand.

Protection - We recognize that by filing for Trademark Registration One's rights and Brand is protected. By this process Trademark owners themselves have to take a strategic view to ensure holistic protection in a dynamic market. We have a successful record of protecting leading brands in India and Indian brands in the global market.

Enforcement - Legal expertise is needed in order to successfully enforce the rights in an Indian market. We give a tool to address a broad spectrum of issues including counterfeiting, parallel imports, trade dress claims, disparagement etc.

Commercialization - Brands represent a significant proportion of value of intangible assets of leading organizations. We help to unlock the value of a brand by way of franchising, licensing, mortgage etc. India is a signatory to Madrid Protocol which enables the rights holder to protect their Trademarks in multiple countries through a single Application.

And the firm following things comes under the purview of IP laws:

  • Identification, registration and Protection of Trademark, Copyright, Designs and Patents in India and abroad.
  • Management of Global IP portfolio and intellectual property due diligence.

To protect our client’s intellectual assets, we provide a variety of services included but not limited to:

  1. Conducting Trademark, design and Patent availability searches in India and abroad.
  2. Filing and contesting trademark, Copyright, Design Application in India and Abroad.
  3. We manage IP opposition matters for clients and assist our client over opposition matters all over the proceedings.
  4. Initiating and defending our clients against litigative actions of infringement and passing off.
  5. Drafting of License, Assignment and IP Agreements and other types of Agreements.
  6. Providing general legal opinion on Intellectual property Matters.