Startup Acquired

How to get your Startup Acquired

Asa company owner one should always focus on making our company more marketable for an acquisition (sale). Making your company more marketable will add value to the company which is beneficial in the long run. In this article we shall have a close look at 7 vital steps to acquire your company by the potential acquirer.

Outline your Company Objectives

As discussed above the company’s motive for diversification should be closely linked to the company’s objectives The company should set its objectives for acquisition even if they are not planning to sell their company.

Typical objectives could Include-

Documents required are as follows-

  • Divest Non-core or non-performing assets
  • Hiring a competent sales and marketing director to turn around your company’s sales.
  • Add more long term contracts for the stability of the business.
  • Improve the company’s credit control
  • Relaunch the company’s profile as many small companies are not having that attractive website.

Prepare an audited set of financial statement

There are several steps that are required in a company. Similarly it is beneficial for every company to prepare records of financial statements and tax records of the company.

Having audited financial statements rather than keeping it in quick books, gives your company an air of professionalism.

Acquire a Virtual Data Room

Whenever your company is up for acquisition the acquirer would want financial statements and tax returns of your company.

In order to make your company's profile and tax returns record showing to the acquirer it is always better to maintain a record virtually.

Conduct Valuation

In order to get your company selected by the acquirer for acquisition it is important for your company to maximize your sale. The valuation should serve as one of the important strategy

cuments in itself, providing a roadmap as to where your belief sales should go and how to budget for them.

Prepare and regularly update a sales memorandum

A sales memorandum is a confidential document which provides a complete overview of your business to serious potential buyers.

These documents must be prepared by the professionals and should be well presented as on the basis of these documents only potential buyers will select your company for acquisition.

Conduct Inbound Marketing

Unless you are not willing to sell your company it is not feasible to let your company's sales memorandum sit on a number of deal platforms to attract potential buyers. Instead you can conduct inbound marketing through which you can attract industrial clients for your company too.

Network in you Industry

In a vast number of cases, companies don’t acquire the target which is the best fit for them, but rather the company whose owner maintained a conversation with them for several years, a company which they’ve been tracking for a while, or a just one that they’re familiar with.

This also helps your company to find a potential buyer for your company for sure.


There are several good companies that remain unsold in the market whereas mediocre companies get potential buyers for their company. The difference is there in preparing of tier documents and so on.

If your company is making money, then it is a big company and that company can be acquired by potential buyers if the right steps are taken by the company and our firm helps in preparation of those documents so that your company becomes noticeable to the potential buyers.