Real Estate

Over the years the firm has attained a specialization in the real estate matters and also has expertise who with their experience handles large scale real estate transactions including those involving FDI in the real estate sector and has in the past provided advisory with respect to township, and other commercial real estate projects in India. Our expertise also advised on complicated issues like joint developments, arrangements involving issues relating to sharing of FSI, sharing of revenue, joint development etc.

Our team handles many complex cases which makes them an experienced one and they help in assisting investors, lenders and real estate developers in all aspects of transactions including on investments, joint ventures, disposition matters as well as in financing and restructuring of debts. We advise on foreign investments and joint ventures in various sectors verticals including in mixed use projects and in residential, commercial office, mall and warehousing and SEZ projects.

Our work includes-

  • Advice on entry strategy for potential investors in the real estate sector and structuring of investment instruments including on waterfall structures and exits.
  • Regulatory laws including those relating to license and approvals.
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of joint venture agreements, investment agreements, shareholders agreements, project management contracts and other services contracts.
  • Advice on property tax and other taxes on real estate.
  • Advice on stamp duty.
  • Advice on purchase, leasing, licensing arrangements, sale and lease back arrangements.
  • Advice on grant/ assignment on leasing/ licensing of commercial and residential properties.
  • Due diligence and preparation of Title search reports.
  • We represent our clients before various courts including arbitrations regarding real estate disputes.
  • Advice on the applicable by-laws of the local area of regulation including land use regulations, zoning regulations, stamp duties and registration formalities.