Property Verification

What is Property Verification

Buying a property is an overwhelming experience, and one has to make sure that it is free from any legal intricacies and unambiguous so that there is no legal hassle in future. To keep the intricacies on check, there should be an agreement to sell, execution of sale deed, possession and registration and completion of payment.

Procedure for Property Verification

Connect to lawyers

The very first step is to connect to the lawyers who will generate all the required reports from the sub-registrar office.


Once all the documents are received, then the lawyer will verify all the property related documents for checking the title and rights of the seller. The documents will be verified thereafter, and documents will be checked whether the documents are proper and have appropriate stamp duty paid or not.

Documents Required for Property Verification

  • Conveyance Deed
  • Sale Deed
  • Agreement to Sell
  • GPA/Power of Attorney
  • Will (if any)
  • Relinquishment Deed
  • Partition Deed
  • Freehold/ Mutation Details etc.


Verifying of documents is essential whenever a businessman or an individual is buying a property.
Verification will be conducted through expert property lawyers
If all documents are over, the property verification time is not much longer.
You will receive the title search report for the past 13 years as part of this package.