Property Registration

What is Property Registration?

Once an individual finds a place to buy a property, an agreement is to be prepared between the parties. The agreement will cover comprehensively the terms on which the sale will take place, the conditions, and the date on which the sale will be completed. After the signing of the document this document will be executed, it needs to be stamped (the stamp duty has to be paid). Together this constitutes the process of Property Registration.

carries following information-

  • Firstly we will connect you to the lawyers who will estimate the value of your property and accordingly decide the stamp duty.
  • At the appointed date the lawyer will accompany you to complete the registration of the sale deed at the Registrar/ sub registrar’s office and also collect the registered documents from the Registrar’s office.

Documents Required For Property Registration

  • Address proof of witnesses along with their id proof
  • Stamp duty signed and executed documents
  • Sale deed signed by the claimant
  • If proof of claimants and executants for all deeds.
  • Patta passbook
  • PAN card/ Number
  • Patta Transfer application with court fee


Cost will be calculated according to the value of the property.
Stamp duty is the percentage of the transaction value. In Delhi for example stamp duty is collected at 4% property value in case of a woman and 6% in case of a men.
It could take a week longer
At the office of Sub-Registrar registration will take place.