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Intellectual property Laws

Intellectual Rights (IP Rights) refers to creations of mind such as Inventions, Literary work, Designs and symbols, Artistic Work, names and images used in commerce.
For its protection different laws/Act has been instituted such as Patent Act, Trademark Act, Designs Act, Copyrights Act, which enables people to earn financial benefit from what they invent or create. IP rights aims to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish.
Different Types of IP-

  • Trademark : A Trademark is a sign that is able to distinguish one enterprise’s goods from those of other enterprises. Read More
  • Copyright : >Copyright is a legal term that is used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic work. Read More
  • Industrial Design : An Industrial Designs constitutes the decorative or aesthetic aspect of a piece of writing. Read More
  • Geographical Indications : Geographical Indications and appellation of origin are signs used on goods, that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities, a reputation or characteristics that are essentially attributable to that place of origin.
  • Trade Secrets : Trade secrets are confidential information which may be sold or licensed.

Corporate law/ Bankruptcy/ Insolvency

BIAT legal LLP is a leading firm in dealing with Bankruptcy and Insolvency matters. We provide our clients with the best advice in the corporate matter.

Our work includes-

  • Our firm advises domestic and foreign companies in investing in distressed companies undergoing insolvency proceedings
  • Counselling hedge funds of structuring investment into Indian stressed asset space.
  • Advising domestic and international banks on initiation of insolvency proceedings against distressed companies.
  • Defending writ petitions filed by distressed companies.

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Criminal Litigation

We practice criminal law for over a decade and have attained a speciality over it. Criminal Law attorneys at BIAT Legal LLP are having experience as state or federal prosecutors, public defenders, private defense attorneys and business counselors.
BIAT Legal is having extensive experience in representing their clients’ criminal matters at pan India level across different courts, including the Supreme Court of India, High Courts and District Courts.

The Firm Practices in the following matters of criminal Litigation-

  • Our legal team carries investigations
  • Corporate Fraud, Insider trading
  • White collar crimes/ Economic Offences
  • Serious frauds investigation office in the department of Company affairs.

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The Litigation landscape in India has witnessed a paradigm shift over the last decade. And in which focus by the legislature and Judiciary is to expedite in settling of the matters or disposal of the cases.

Indian judiciary system comprises a Supreme Court, 24 high Courts and more than 500 District courts, and these follow the federal system of law. And out of these several High courts only 5 courts have their original jurisdiction in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

And here we give different Litigation services to a widely varying set of clients across different industries and business sectors from every corner of the world.we represent our clients in all manners of Litigation in all District and Appellate courts.

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Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Arbitration is also known as Alternate Dispute Redressal which is a method of dispute settlement using private entities known as “ Arbitral tribunals”.

Arbitral tribunals usually consist of either one or three arbitrators. The primary role of an arbitral tribunal is to apply the law and to make a dispute decision by administering the so called “arbitral award”.

In principle, arbitral awards are final and binding. They can only be challenged in a State Board under exceptional circumstances. For eg. it applies to parties if they are not agreeing with the arbitration award or if they are not following the arbitral award passed by the arbitrator.

The firm is a leading law firm in commercial litigation practice with a knowledge base in all forms of dispute resolution. Endeavor is involved to make the dispute resolution practice efficient and cost effective for our clients.

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Consumer Matter

BIAT legal LLP has a highly respected and team of highly experienced lawyers who are experienced in handling various or diverse consumer disputes.

BIAT Legal LLP is a leading law firm that offers expert legal assistance to our clients that is tailored to suit individual disputes and our team is renowned in providing practical advice and is best known for its result oriented approach. Whether a client has made a complaint or is defending one, our experts are there to resolve each dispute as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Consumer law is governed by Consumer Protection Act, 2002. Consumer rights are the rights which are given to the consumer to protect him/her from being cheated by a salesman/ manufacturer. Consumer protection laws are designed to ensure fair trade competition in the market and not trader could be involved in unfair trade practice or fraud.

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Real Estate

Over the years the firm has attained a specialization in the real estate matters and also has expertise who with their experience handles large scale real estate transactions including those involving FDI in the real estate sector and has in the past provided advisory with respect to township, and other commercial real estate projects in India. Our expertise also advised on complicated issues like joint developments, arrangements involving issues relating to sharing of FSI, sharing of revenue, joint development etc.

Our team handles many complex cases which makes them an experienced one and they help in assisting investors, lenders and real estate developers in all aspects of transactions including on investments, joint ventures, disposition matters as well as in financing and restructuring of debts. We advise on foreign investments and joint ventures in various sectors verticals including in mixed use projects and in residential, commercial office, mall and warehousing and SEZ projects.

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Entertainment/ Media & Broadcasting

BIAT Legal LLP is a ledang firm in providing assistance to companies operating in entertainment, print and digital media, and broadcasting sectors.

The firm offers a result oriented approach and over the years have many trusted clients. The firm therefore provides assistance and advice in India as well as abroad on India’s comprehensive entertainment, media and advertising laws on the issue relating to creation, production and dissemination of advertising across all media, particularly interactive technology and consumer generated content.

The firm advised on all aspects of advertising for agency formation to new media and technologies. We have vast experience at the intersection of technology, telecommunication and broadcast, applying new media, data privacy and security expertise to the media and broadcast sector. We represent studios, sports associations, television and film production houses, new media companies, music companies and television companies in all aspects of the film and broadcasting industry including entering into complex distribution and licensing agreements.

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Family and Matrimonial Dispute Litigation

The Firm masters in the field of family Dispute, and also represented many complex Family disputes that involved large estates, inheritance disputes; complex commercial transactions, and business separations amongst others. BIAT Legal LLP is a one stop solution provider for all Aspects of family law.

The Firm also deals in many matrimonial cases. And also dissolves many disputes very amicably as well through legal procedures of separation of Divorce. Our team is well known for its knowledge in the field of Matrimonial Laws in India, but most importantly we understand the emotional sensitivity associated with such matters.

BIAT Legal LLP is a leading family law firm in Delhi and NCR, India. We provide legal solutions for Matrimonial and Family disputes. The firm advises its foreign and Domestic clientele on all aspects of matrimonial and family matters.

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