Legal Notice

Legal Notice

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All organizations and individuals are governed by laws. For this reason if any misunderstanding or dispute arises between the individuals and the aggrieved party wish to move to court of law then intimation to the other party is sent. The intimation sent is known as Legal Notice.

A legal notice is therefore a formal communication to a person or an entity informing the other party of your intention to undertake legal proceedings against them.

The notice, when sent to an individual, conveys your intention of legal proceedings against them, which makes the party aware of your grievances. Many times the problem between the individuals gets solved out of the court by having a fruitful discussions from both sides.

If the problem is not solved by sending a legal notice, then there is always an option to move to court for an individual.

Here a specific period of time is given in the legal notice for its reply and find a solution by the other individual. If the problem is not solved or the complainant is not satisfied by the reply of the other party then he can proceed with legal action against him in the competitive court of law.

Although a legal notice can serve as a purpose of negotiations between the parties and save time, effort and money that are incurred during the litigation.

A legal notice is filed as per section 80 of the code of civil procedure, 1908 and is only filed in civil cases. A legal notice is an information and therefore

carries following information-

  • Precise statement relating to grievance of individuals.
  • alternative/relief sought by the grieving party
  • How are the problems to be solved?
A complete brief of the problems that the aggrieved party is facing, combined with what can be done to resolve the issue.

A legal notice format must contain the following points-

  • Name and required information
  • Description
  • Place of the residence of the notice sender
  • Aspects of the effect
  • The monetary relief claimed by the sender of the notice
  • The gist of the legal basis for the relief claimed

Who can serve a Legal Notice

Any person who is aggrieved can send a legal notice. There are legitimate systems to be clung to when serving a lawful notification and any complainant who neglects to follow those strategies does as such at his own risk.

After an appeal has been documented, the court gives a request to serve legitimate notification if the court finds the appeal sensible.

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