Industrial Design

Designs Act, 2000 is the law governing Designs law in India. By registering a Design, the owner enjoys the commercial advantage. Application for the registration of designs must be filed before any article or design is in public domain or public display. Once the Design is already in public domain or commercialized, the owner can become disentitled.

For obtaining design Registration, it takes less time compared to other intellectual Property. The protection for design is provided for a period of 10 years which can be further renewed for a period of 5 years before expiration of the tenth year.

India is a signatory to Paris convention for the protection of Industrial property and the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual property rights (TRIPS). And Prosecution, Enforcement, and Advisory Services comes under the purview of IP Laws.

The Registered Proprietor of a Design has an exclusive right to restrain third person from infringing his registration rights by making, applying the Design or Importing articles bearing the Design. And a registered owner has full right to file a civil lawsuit for injunction to restrain infringement of a registered Design. Criminal remedies are not provided under the Design law.

The firm provides comprehensive services such as prosecution, enforcement and advisory services. We handle design prosecution and litigation covering everything from industrial products, handicrafts, technical and medical instruments, watch and jewellery, houseware, electrical appliances, automotive products etc.

Design is registered for the period of ten years which can be further renewed for a period of five years before expiration of tenth year.