Entertainment/ Media & Broadcasting

BIAT Legal LLP is a ledang firm in providing assistance to companies operating in entertainment, print and digital media, and broadcasting sectors.

The firm offers a result oriented approach and over the years have many trusted clients. The firm therefore provides assistance and advice in India as well as abroad on India’s comprehensive entertainment, media and advertising laws on the issue relating to creation, production and dissemination of advertising across all media, particularly interactive technology and consumer generated content.

The firm advised on all aspects of advertising for agency formation to new media and technologies. We have vast experience at the intersection of technology, telecommunication and broadcast, applying new media, data privacy and security expertise to the media and broadcast sector. We represent studios, sports associations, television and film production houses, new media companies, music companies and television companies in all aspects of the film and broadcasting industry including entering into complex distribution and licensing agreements.

These set of laws provide necessary legal services to the stakeholders in the entertainment industry. Film, music, entertainment, Advertisement and Internet comes under the ambit of Media and entertainment. The Firm covers and is not Limited to the following aspects of entertainment law:-

  • Identification and protection of creative content and strategize ways to monetise them through Partnerships and Licensing.
  • Talent management of artists through strict contractual terms and other means like publicity agreements, endorsement agreements, performance rights management, in-film branding agreements, pre-production and production agreements, and take down services etc.
  • Assisting entertainment and media businesses in filtering their online content in light of Information technology laws.
  • Drafting of Media and entertainment related agreements.
  • Public policies issues and initiatives.
  • Privacy and data protection.
  • Obscenity, sedition, censorship and content regulation.
  • Intellectual property issues including acquisition and management, digital rights management, copyright and designs alw, moral rights and passing off.
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships, acquisition and related agreements.
  • Dispute resolution, Arbitration and Litigation.