Criminal Litigation

We practice criminal law for over a decade and have attained a speciality over it. Criminal Law attorneys at BIAT Legal LLP are having experience as state or federal prosecutors, public defenders, private defense attorneys and business counselors.

BIAT Legal is having extensive experience in representing their clients’ criminal matters at pan India level across different courts, including the Supreme Court of India, High Courts and District Courts.

The Firm Practices in the following matters of criminal Litigation-

  1. Our legal team carries investigations
  2. Corporate Fraud, Insider trading
  3. White collar crimes/ Economic Offences
  4. Serious frauds investigation office in the department of Company affairs.
  5. Bank/Financial Institution frauds
  6. Dishonour of Cheques
  7. Quashing of FIR/ Bails/ Trial
  8. Criminal complaints
  9. Criminal writs/revision/appeals
  10. Defamation cases
  11. Prevention of corruption Act
  12. Prevention of money laundering ACt
  13. Violation of Intellectual property Rights/ Cyber Laws
  14. Narcotics and Drugs Violation
  15. Murder/ Rape