Corporate law/ bankruptcy/insolvency

BIAT legal LLP is a leading firm in dealing with Bankruptcy and Insolvency matters. We provide our clients with the best advice in the corporate matter.

And for enforcement of the mark or logo, Law firm looks after that. And firm also provides comprehensive services which include-

Four work includes-

  • Our firm advises domestic and foreign companies in investing in distressed companies undergoing insolvency proceedings.
  • Counselling hedge funds of structuring investment into Indian stressed asset space.
  • Advising domestic and international banks on initiation of insolvency proceedings against distressed companies.
  • Defending writ petitions filed by distressed companies.

We at BIAT Legal LLP helped many domestic and international Banks, Funds, acquirers, distressed companies and industry professionals, on the implications of IBC and continues to advise on some of the most complicated restructuring and insolvency matters under the IBC.

These kinds of matters are initiated in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) by the Banks or any Individual or company against any Body Corporate for recovery of its unpaid amount. NCLT was formed for the speedy trial of the company cases, and if the aggrieved person is not satisfied with the decision of the NCLT then he can appeal in the appellate court i.e. National Company Law Appellate tribunal (NCLAT).

BIAT legal LLP is a team of young lawyers who are highly qualified in their respective fields and do all their cases with perfection and try to satisfy their clients to the fullest.