How Trademark Can Work as assets for MSMEs

The Government of India supportive policies and various reliefs for MSMEs makes trademarks because they are the most vital IP asset for MSMEs as they now stand an opportunity to form their mark even more extensively and literally. MSMEs do understand trademarks, but their understanding on brand and therefore the importance of protecting it with […]

How to decide Jurisdiction of Trademark Infringement cases: Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court recently reiterated that jurisdiction under Trademark infringement cases could be invoked under section 20 of code of Civil Procedure (CPC), 1908 in addition to section 134 under the Trademarks Act, 1999. Justice Paratibha had clearly gave its grounds for jurisdiction and they are as follows- Where the plaintiff resides or carries […]

Opposition of Trademarks and its Timeline and procedures in India

After the examiner reviews the applied trademark and allows it by accepting the mark and publishes it in the Trademark journal. Then the trademark is open for opposition from third parties for the mandatory period of four months from the date of publishing. In case there is no opposition arose from any third party within […]