Britannia wins Trademark Infringement matter against Future Group

Recently Brittania company was earning the profits where all the companies are facing losses during the Covid-19 Pandemic period. Britannia company has broken all records and increased its revenue from 18% to 23%. The company‚Äôs growth is not limited to just financial returns, it has also won a major legal battle, albeit out of court. […]

Intellectual Property Appellate Board puts stay on the mark of Trademark N-95

Recently on 4th December, 2020, the IPAB put an interim stay on the use of the Trademark N-95 applied with application Number 4487559 in class 10. Later the rectification application was filed by the applicant under section 57 of the Trademarks Act, 1000 for the removal of the N-95 Label. The court held that the […]

The Delhi High Court Allows the use of Anaday against Amaday

The Delhi High Court in the case of Ajanta Pharma Limited v Zuventus Healthcare Limited, CS (COMM) 336/2019, while observing the mark Amaday of plaintiff is deceptively similar with the mark of Defendants, refused to grant the relief of interim injunction on the ground that there was no material to show that the mark is […]

Delhi High Court Ruling on sanitize soap bar cannot be confused with Dettol

In recent pandemic times people have changed their way of living and so has changed the buying behaviour of the products. It has created variations in both areas of hygiene and immunity areas.  But there is a third zone that was made like recently dabur has launched its soap bar similar to the shape of […]

Taxation aspect of Trademark Valuation

Trademark Valuation Trademark is basically a mark which can be represented geographically and distinguish the goods and services of one party from those of others. Trademarks include name, symbol, Logo, colour of goods, shape of goods, packaging of goods etc. Trademarks are important commercial and economic tools and are being heavily endorsed in order to […]