Taxation aspect of Trademark Valuation

Trademark Valuation Trademark is basically a mark which can be represented geographically and distinguish the goods and services of one party from those of others. Trademarks include name, symbol, Logo, colour of goods, shape of goods, packaging of goods etc. Trademarks are important commercial and economic tools and are being heavily endorsed in order to […]

How to Defend a Trademark Opposition?

Why would someone oppose your Trademark Application? One of the reasons that third parties would oppose your Trademark Application is that your mark is somewhere identical or similar to his mark because of which likelihood of confusion would be there amongst the consumers. In such case the burden falls on the opponent to proof that- […]

Opposition of Trademarks and its Timeline and procedures in India

After the examiner reviews the applied trademark and allows it by accepting the mark and publishes it in the Trademark journal. Then the trademark is open for opposition from third parties for the mandatory period of four months from the date of publishing. In case there is no opposition arose from any third party within […]

Intellectual Property Glance

To understand Intellectual Property we distribute it into three categories for better clarity and convenience- The Product of Intellectual Efforts- The product of Intellectual Property could be tangible as well as intangible and could encompass such outcomes as literary creations, artistic creations, books, music, song, dance, drama, sculpture, painting and computer programmes. It is to […]

Anticipation By Prior Claim (Prior Claiming)

Section 13 of the Patents Act, 1970 specifically provides that the examiner must conduct an investigation for the purpose of ascertaining whether the invention which the applicant is preparing to apply for its registration for is already in public domain or not? In other words we can say that before applying for the registration of […]