Patent Examination System in India

The Need for Patent Examination As per Indian Patents Act, getting a Patent registration provides the Patentee with an exclusive right for his invention from the government of India from making, using, selling and importing the patented product by another individual with the patentee’s permission. But these Patent rights are provided to only those inventions […]

What is the process to Patent a Concept in India?

Imagine that you get an advance idea about an operation. So, to try it out, you make the operation. And indeed better, you get an amazingly positive response towards it. But, with all the fame comes some fear of the idea being copied. So, to get power of all your ideas, one can file a […]

What is the Patent filing Procedure in India?

Patent registration is the first step which an inventor takes to project his or her invention from being misused. In India filing of patents is a little complex. However with proper legal guidance, the Patent application can be filed easily. In this article we shall inform you about the complete procedure of Patent filing.  What […]