Copyright in Fictional Characters- Idea or Expression?

Fictional characters like Ironman, Batsman, Mickey Mouse, James Bond, Harry potter are not just characters but are cultural heuristics. All of us in day to day life connect ourselves with these characters on a personal level, and also sometimes get inspired by these characters. These characters are irreplaceable to such an extent that the work […]

The Cinematograph (Amendment Bill), 2021; the debate of rights Vs Piracy

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting recently introduced an amendment in the Cinematograph (Amendment) bill, 2021. The amendment was introduced to tackle the menace of film piracy. This bill was introduced after the Cinematograph (Amendment) Act, 2019 which faced many backlash from the industry experts. The controversy arises in the amendment of the bill in […]

Copyright Infringement

Intellectual property right is a legal right that is given to a particular person for a specified period of time to protect their original work from the unauthorized use from any third party. Copyright Copyright is a type of Intellectual Property that is given to the owner of the original work or creator, which gives […]