An analysis of Registration of Olfactory Marks/smell marks

Introduction The basic rationale behind the trademark as a word, symbol is to distinguish one’s gods and services from those of others.  The basic function of a trademark is to distinguish proprietor’s goods and services from those of others. Over the past few years, a new push for registration of trademarks has been given in […]

Intellectual Property Glance

To understand Intellectual Property we distribute it into three categories for better clarity and convenience- The Product of Intellectual Efforts- The product of Intellectual Property could be tangible as well as intangible and could encompass such outcomes as literary creations, artistic creations, books, music, song, dance, drama, sculpture, painting and computer programmes. It is to […]

No Absolute Rule of Election Of a Shape Or Configuration As Either a Design or a Trademark: Delhi High Court Permits Maintainability of Suits of Passing Off a Registered Design As a Trademark/ Trade Dress

The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in a Case of Crocs Inc. USA v. Aqualite India Limited (2019) SCC Online Del 7409, Para 38 on February, 2019 had clearly pronounced that, once party has acquired a registered Design in their name, then it completely forecloses any possibility of seeking relief under the relief of Passing-off […]