Direct and Indirect Trademark Infringement in India

The main purpose of the Trademark is to help people recognize the source of a particular good or services. The source in turn, helps people determine the quality. Quality is what usually consumers base their purchase decision on. This is why a trademark is of utmost importance within the economy. For the consumer a Trademark […]

Trademark Procedures And Strategies: India

Legal Framework In India Trademarks are protected under Trademarks Act, 1999 and ancillary legislation incorporated under, for eg. Companies Act, 2013 and therefore the Customs Act, 1932. These Acts and related rules prescribes the related procedures to be followed before the Trademark Registry. The Indian courts have taken the lead in issuing landmark decisions on […]

Types of Trademark

In this blog we will get to know about different types of Trademarks. It is essential to distinguish between the products in order to get the best suitable protection for the product. Falling to do so may end up in some lawsuit or may face loss in the revenue. Therefore, it is always advisable to […]

All is Fair in Trademark Wars

The #BlackLiivesMatter movement has taken popularity among the world and has encouraged many corporate entities, including multinational companies to reassess their businesses and marketing policies for signs of disrimination, following the calls against racial inequality after the death of Geoge Flloyd in the United States. In India also HUL has announced that they will remove […]

How to Recognize well known Trademarks in India

Well known marks play a crucial role within the global market because it is understood to the overall public and enjoys a reasonably high reputation within the market. The primary time documented trademarks was discussed within the Paris convention, 1883, wherein the said convention began certain guidelines for cover of documented trademark but they didn’t […]