How to Register your Blog Name as Trademark?

If you are a blogger or writing an editorial, then it is always advisable to Trademark your blogs and editorials in order to protect it from possible infringement.

Procedure for Registration

Trademarks can be filed through TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System) and manually also, but online filing is more preferable.

The application is filed online through the site of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Grounds on which application is being filed

There are certain fields which are required to be filled by the applicant which describes the basis of your application.

If your Trademark is related to your blog then you have to click on the yes button.

It is mandatory to mention the date of starting your blog using the Trademark, and first day of sale goods or services outside the vicinity of your state.

Classifying goods and services

In order to identify the class of goods and services to fall in you have to refer to a niche classification which can be obtained from the USPTO website. After its classification you need to provide its detailed explanation of the blog services. So in addition to cataloging your goods or services you are required to highlight the key services which your b;og offers.

Recognizing the mark

Trademark can be anything of symbols, logo, labels to a combination of these, it can be an image or a graphical design etc.

The primary task for validating a trademark starts with proper identification of a mark.

You need to attach the copy of work in which jpg/GIF form (in case of symbol/ icon etc).

Details of the Applicant

Details of the applicant needed to be submitted along with its name, address, website name, domain name with which you are carrying out his business.

Declaration Statement

The Trademark office requires you to submit a signed declaration certifying that all the facts and information given are true to the best of its knowledge. 

Submitting disclaimers

There are certain words which are generic one and are not given any particular protection, therefore it is mandatory to put its disclaimer in the Trademark office.

Process completion

The process will be completed once you submit certified information, valid e-signature and after payment of the specified fee to the Trademark Registry. 

After a successful transaction you will receive a confirmation notice along with an email accepting your application with a serial number assigned to you.

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