Licensing/Assignment of Trademark in India

Assignment/licensing of Trademark allows third parties to use the registered trademark and the rights associated with it. In exchange for “Royalty” Third party is authorized by the owner of registered Trademark to use that Trademark for a specific period of time. In other words Trademark licensing refers to the moe of transfer of rights wherein […]

Trademark Squatting: A threat to MNCs

With the presence of global entities in India like Apple, Amazon Etc Intellectual property rights of these entities in India becomes indispensable. As a result of this, business owners are required to be conscious of ways that their IP rights, specially Trademark, is protected globally. In 2012 Apple faced an issue with its Trademark registration […]

Trademark Infringement in India

Trademark is registered for the purpose of recognizing the source of a particular goods or services. The source in turn helps people determine the quality of the products. Customers purchase their products on the basis of the quality of  product. This is why Trademark is of extreme importance in the economy. For the consumer, a […]

7 Factors for Identifying Trademark Likelihood of Confusion

There are certain reasons why companies seek to protect their brand name under Trademark protection. They invest a certain amount of money in their brand name to build a successful brand.  There are lots of brands available in the market and how you can avoid to infringe third person’s Trademark. You can start by understanding […]

Britannia wins Trademark Infringement matter against Future Group

Recently Brittania company was earning the profits where all the companies are facing losses during the Covid-19 Pandemic period. Britannia company has broken all records and increased its revenue from 18% to 23%. The company’s growth is not limited to just financial returns, it has also won a major legal battle, albeit out of court. […]