Legal Compliances for Start-ups in India

India is the largest start-ups ecosystem in the world with a large majority of startups emerging in the market. Startups are started by passionate entrepreneurs who are focused on building unique solutions to deliver complete customer satisfaction. But with the increasing complexity in the technology sectors it is always important to have a strong legal […]

Remedies Available To a Person For Infringement of Copyright

The fundamental object of copyright law is to give authors, owners unique rights or remunerating them with a select good fit for a predefined period to recreate the works for distribution and offering them to the public. The law in this manner endeavors to prevent one from appropriating to himself what has been created by […]

Copyright Infringement

Intellectual property right is a legal right that is given to a particular person for a specified period of time to protect their original work from the unauthorized use from any third party. Copyright Copyright is a type of Intellectual Property that is given to the owner of the original work or creator, which gives […]

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Copyright is the Intellectual Property rights that are given to authors of original creators of work, which gives them exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the copyrighted work. Copyright subsists in following original works- Literary works Dramatic works Musical works Artistic work Cinematographic work Sound recording Copyright basically protects two types of rights i.e. […]

Indian Law and Well Known Trademark

What is a well known Trademark? As per Trademarks Rule, 2017, a new procedure has been introduced by the Trademark registry which allows Trademark registrar to proclaim a particular trademark as “Well Known”. Section 2 (1)(zg) of the Trademarks Act, 1999 defines Well known Trademarks and states that well known trademark is a mark which […]