Indian Law and Well Known Trademark

What is a well known Trademark? As per Trademarks Rule, 2017, a new procedure has been introduced by the Trademark registry which allows Trademark registrar to proclaim a particular trademark as “Well Known”. Section 2 (1)(zg) of the Trademarks Act, 1999 defines Well known Trademarks and states that well known trademark is a mark which […]

Stay with me:The Saga Section 124 and IPAB

When we talk about section 124 of Trade Marks Act, 1999, it is considered to be the most controversial section of Trademarks Act in today’s time. Courts across the country have had a go at the interpretation of stay of proceedings where the validity of the registration of Trademark is questioned. When the supreme court […]

Consensual cohabitation between Two Adults of same Sex not Illegal; They have a right to Live together even outside the wedlock: Uttarakhand HC

Uttarakhand High court recently gave its judgement with respect to the rights of adult homosexual couples to choose their life partners and to live with each other, without any pressure from their parents and society. “Consesual cohabitation between two adults of the same sex cannot in our understanding be illegal far or lessa  crime because […]

Intellectual property and its role in the pharmaceutical company

ntellectual property rights are considered to be an important part of every corporate unit; it protects the creation of mind and the work which makes it different from the other. With the help of intellectual property rights pharmaceutical companies are able to innovate or promote innovations in  more better ways. Pharmaceutical companies are considered to […]

Protection of Folklores India Intellectual Property Rights

India is a country with diverse cultures and religions, and When it comes to folk and ethnic culture with hundreds of folks India is known for its diverse culture. Perception about folklore differs in India, it is mainly associated with Tribal people and simple rural people rather crude and elemental in comparison to higher art […]