Are 3-D Trademarks different from Industrial Designs?

What is a Three Dimensional Trademark? A Three Dimensional Trademark is a non-conventional Trademark which makes use of a Three dimensional shape of  product or its package/container to achieve distinction in the concerned jurisdictional marketplace. Hence, being clearly distinguished by shape or long time usage is the paramount requirement of the 3D Trademark. Examples of […]

Ambush Marketing: A Growing Tactics in Today’s Time

Introduction The term Ambush Marketing is the talk of the time across the world these days. It refers to a marketing strategy wherein rival companies associate themselves with a particular event which already has another official sponsor. The term ambush was first coined by the marketing strategist, Jerry Welsh from American Express company in the […]

Compulsory licensing: Noble or Ignoble during Covid-19?

There are many substantial developments within the field of property and pharmaceuticals are done during the time of pandemic. New means to stop , treat and mitigate Covid-19 are being researched for developing effective medical treatment as fast as possible. Its vaccine is more important to return to hamper the transmission of disease. Owing to […]

Protect your Intellectual Property with the help of a Trademark Attorney

Introduction Trademark distinguishes one’s goods/marks from those of others and it represents your business globally and will help you to identify the source of a particular goods or services which is provided to the customer by the owner of the business entity and thus it needs a special concern and safety from illegal parties. It […]

Trademark Due Diligence

It is very important to take IP due diligence to avoid future discrepancy over the use of the mark.  What is IP Due Diligence? Intellectual property is something that is the creation of human minds including inventions, literary and artistic work, industrial models and trademarks used in trade and commerce. In other words Intellectual property […]