Trademark Application Filing in India

In India Trademark Application is governed according to the laws of Trademark Act, 1999 and Trademark Rules, 2002 in the prescribed format along with the prescribed fees. Who can file Trademark Applications in India? Any individual or company who claims to be a proprietor of the Trademark can file  Trademark application in respect of desired […]

Delhi High Court Ruling on sanitize soap bar cannot be confused with Dettol

In recent pandemic times people have changed their way of living and so has changed the buying behaviour of the products. It has created variations in both areas of hygiene and immunity areas.  But there is a third zone that was made like recently dabur has launched its soap bar similar to the shape of […]

Taxation aspect of Trademark Valuation

Trademark Valuation Trademark is basically a mark which can be represented geographically and distinguish the goods and services of one party from those of others. Trademarks include name, symbol, Logo, colour of goods, shape of goods, packaging of goods etc. Trademarks are important commercial and economic tools and are being heavily endorsed in order to […]

Rules On Documents To Be Filed With Complaints Alleging Trade Mark Infringement

It is mandatory to have a legal proceeding certificate (LPC) as primary evidence of any entry made in the Trademarks Register. In case of India for Trademark registration a registration of certificate is provided to the applicant, however, it is not required at the time of legal proceedings. At that time a Legal proceeding certificate […]

How to Register your Blog Name as Trademark?

If you are a blogger or writing an editorial, then it is always advisable to Trademark your blogs and editorials in order to protect it from possible infringement. Procedure for Registration Trademarks can be filed through TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System) and manually also, but online filing is more preferable. The application is filed online […]