Caught in the Cross Hairs of WIPO and Indian Trademark Office

By changing time registration and timelines for Trademark registration has also evolved. After the Trademark amendment, 2017, the registration and timelines of Trademark has become stricter and quicker. We’ve all seen positive changes happening within the IP regime after the amendment, but still there’s lag in some areas like in the Application for Madrid Protocol. […]

Understanding the Scrutiny Report Or discrepancy Notice Issued by Trademark Office in India

Scrutiny Report or Discrepancy Notice By filing a Trademark Application in the Registry, Registration of Trademark is being done. After registration if any changes are to be made, an application is given to the Trademark office. This application is to be given along with the supporting documents or forms to the Trademark office. If the […]

Can the surname of a person be Trademarked?

Surnames and Trademarks Generally in India we have seen that businesses have been started by the surname of their family members or from the surname of a person who is starting the business. This practice has been followed in India for a very long time and such practice of adopting surnames for the name of […]

Direct and Indirect Trademark Infringement in India

The main purpose of the Trademark is to help people recognize the source of a particular good or services. The source in turn, helps people determine the quality. Quality is what usually consumers base their purchase decision on. This is why a trademark is of utmost importance within the economy. For the consumer a Trademark […]

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Copyright is the Intellectual Property rights that are given to authors of original creators of work, which gives them exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the copyrighted work. Copyright subsists in following original works- Literary works Dramatic works Musical works Artistic work Cinematographic work Sound recording Copyright basically protects two types of rights i.e. […]