Bombay High Court Rules that ISKCON is a “well known Trademark” in India

Bombay High Court on Friday in a case of ISKCON Vs Iskcon apparel Pvt. Ltd. and Anr. has held that the registered Trademark of ISKCON is a well known Trademark of India which is a mark of religious organization international society for krishna consciousness. Well known trademarks enjoy broader protections than ordinary trademarks, in view […]

Use it or Lose it

Romer J. said in the case of Registered Trademarks of John Batt & co. and In Re Carter’s Application for a Trademark “one cannot help seeing the evils that may result from allowing trademarks to be registered broadcast, if i may use the expression, there being no real intention of using them, or only an […]

Stay with me:The Saga Section 124 and IPAB

When we talk about section 124 of Trade Marks Act, 1999, it is considered to be the most controversial section of Trademarks Act in today’s time. Courts across the country have had a go at the interpretation of stay of proceedings where the validity of the registration of Trademark is questioned. When the supreme court […]

Consensual cohabitation between Two Adults of same Sex not Illegal; They have a right to Live together even outside the wedlock: Uttarakhand HC

Uttarakhand High court recently gave its judgement with respect to the rights of adult homosexual couples to choose their life partners and to live with each other, without any pressure from their parents and society. “Consesual cohabitation between two adults of the same sex cannot in our understanding be illegal far or lessa  crime because […]

Framing of an Issue in a Trademark Infringement Suit: Analysis of Sri Krishna Sweets Judgement

In a recent judgement of Madras High Court, they answered an interesting question of law in the case of M Murali Vs Sri Krishna Sweets Private Ltd. and anr. The matter was the civil revision Petition arising out of an order passed by the district court in a  suit for infringement of a Trademark. Cort […]