Intellectual property and its role in the pharmaceutical company

ntellectual property rights are considered to be an important part of every corporate unit; it protects the creation of mind and the work which makes it different from the other. With the help of intellectual property rights pharmaceutical companies are able to innovate or promote innovations in  more better ways. Pharmaceutical companies are considered to […]

Protection of Folklores India Intellectual Property Rights

India is a country with diverse cultures and religions, and When it comes to folk and ethnic culture with hundreds of folks India is known for its diverse culture. Perception about folklore differs in India, it is mainly associated with Tribal people and simple rural people rather crude and elemental in comparison to higher art […]

Violence against women online needs to be nipped immediately: Two Lawyers urge Delhi High Court to take suo moto cognizance of “Bois Locker Room”

Recently we came across the biggest scandal of vulgarility of teeanagers on social media by the page “Bois Locker Room” So on this recently a letter has been addressed to the chief justice of the Delhi High court to take suo moto cognizance of “Bois Locker Room incident”. Basically “the bois locker room” was a […]

Opposition Procedures and Timelines for a Trademark in India

Opposition in Trademarks is the next procedure when Trademark has been advertised in the journals then the trademark is open for opposition purposes for a compulsory period of Four (4) months. In case no opposition filed within the stipulated period then the mark shall proceed for its registration. The main purpose behind its advertising is […]

Landmark Judgement of Supreme Court on Section 138 Negotiable Instruments Act:2018

What is Section 138 Negotiable Instrument? Dishonour of Cheque for insufficiency etc of funds in the account- This section states that whenever any person gives cheque to another person from his own account in order to clear his debt, and the cheque is returned by the bank unpaid because of the insufficient funds or because […]