About us

About Us

BIAT Legal is a Limited Liability Company founded by Ishita Sinha , and is the founding Partner of the firm. Over the years it is known for its commitment and Zeal in representing its clients and is also committed to devising innovative solutions and effective strategies tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our lawyers enjoy an unparalleled reputation in the field of Intellectual Property rights including Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Designs, Patent; Criminal litigation; civil and commercial matters; corporate litigation including NCLT Matters, and Dispute resolution among all courts in India and in cross border matters as well.

The Hallmark of our services is to provide excellent services to our clients through highest standards of representation and legal advice. We have a strong moral compass and we give priority on safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of each of our clients.

BIAT Legal provides a comprehensive range of Legal services to clients across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Our Initiatives

We BIAT Legal LLP is a team of professionals which looks after the matter in a very effective and efficient manner. We never let our clients complain about our services. To be able to realize our vision, we have already put into place some protocols that shall help us achieve our exact ambition- client satisfaction and trust. To meet our exact ambition we keep an online database of each of our clients that keeps important deadlines and dates pertaining to each client’s portfolio. We do periodic reviews of that database to keep our client updated.

Our firm’s lawyers and paralegals are divided into teams and each team is assigned by a leader which supervises them and manages to complete the given work. We work hard day and night to achieve the required goal and not let our clients suffer. Our team is specialized in various areas in IP like Patents, Design, Copyright, Trademark, Geographical indication, litigation, civil and commercial litigation, Dispute Resolution, Corporate litigation and DRT and NCLT matters. Yet all lawyers and paralegals constantly engage with each other across teams in order to cross-pollinate intellectual capital and learn from each other.

Our firm constantly strives to manage the cient;s portfolio in an effective, coordinated and customized manner to the best of their advantage. The firm keeps all updates on the developments on the client’s portfolio and also sends our clients the relevant information like newspaper/ magazine clippings etc. that might be of significance. We as a free service also review Trademark and Patent journals and inform our clients of any noteworthy developments.

We are proud to be of service to our client and always strive to provide them services which are unusual and beyond. This gives an edge as our primary motive is to keep our client comfortable and satisfied.

We are here to help for all your legal advisory needs in India & abroad!
Experience .Innovation .Excellence

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